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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Laina Millson

You sure are just the sweetest girl! Thanks for that! ;)

Stormy E

my daughter has her first basketball game Saturday (and every Sat for the next two months). I'm really looking forward to watching her play, she loves basketball! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, I totally flaked on reveal last month and missed the SC PP!

Kimberly L.C.

I am really looking forward to going on a little adventure with my mom this weekend! We don't know where we're going yet, but it will be fun, I know that much!


i'm looking forward to giving my sister a hug as we travel through the city she lives in later on this month! not much time to spend together, but i soak up every moment i can!

thanks for the giveaway!


I love these papers - both sides! I am looking forward to the 21st. It will mark 16 years since my first date with my husband.

Jennifer L.S.

Great giveawaY!

Penny Smith

I'll throw my hat in! Thank you for the opportunity/sharing!

Valerie Bishop

Oh thank you for the chance!! I didn't get any extras that month and I kicked myself after seeing them in person!! :) I'm looking forward to bowling night with my dh! We just started a league and it's one night we are "alone" together!


love the giveaway so sweet....looking forward to a Jan thaw!! hahahaha....and to having a few days off work for a recovery....

Sarah Webb

Thanks so much for the chance! Really appreciate it!

Jenny A

I love SC paper! I'm looking forward to a scrapbook weekend me and one of my friends are planning :)


Love that paper i am looking forward to a long weekend!!thanks for the chance


On thursday I am going to the tour of Strictly Come Dancing (the UK version of Dancing with the Stars). I love it and we have front row seats!


Love, Love, Love the papers!1 I'm looking forward to a spa day this month with my girls!!


love these papers! I wasn't fast enough to get any extras this month so I would love to win! I am most looking forward to my crop this weekend. :) Thanks for the chance!

Lisa J

So generous of you, thanks!
I can't wait for the storage series to continue... I picked up some eyelet totes this past weekend and started on my punch organization. Next up will be a stamp binder.

Patty W

oh the woodgrain paper is so SUPER cute - thank you Jenn for the chance to win. You are such a sweetheart!!!


These have to be my favorite SC papers ever. I used the 2 I had to bits and pieces! I am looking forward to peace and quiet now that the holidays are over and company has gone! ;)


ooooohh! i didn't get the kit this month but am in love with the SC papers (as always).i'm most looking forward to spending the day with my sister this weekend, i don't get to see her too often. Thanks for the chance to win!


Martin Luther King holiday was great this past weekend. We needed the extra day!


I'm looking forward to Jan 22. we're having a get-together as a late holiday party with a group of long time friends. since we see each other less often than we used to (as we all have kids now), this time is special, not to mention fun! thanks for the chance to win.

Deanna Foy

My husband's birthday is January 25th. He will be 55 and is finally feeling much better after being pretty sick for the last 4 months.

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