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Sunday, January 02, 2011



thanks jenn! i'm planning on some organizing today in fact! my plan is to get my punches (i have a fairly small collection) in a drawer that i hardly ever use. but i love those bins too!


those totes are great! Love that they are labeled so beautifully too :)


I got tired of making my own and started buying them and i am loving these tons ..


I think I'm headed to find me some totes - my current use of the IRIS boxes for my punches is a bust. Thanks!


love the totes jenn!!! just what i need ;o) mine are in a basket, but man alive its getting heavy! haha

caroline hancock

This is awesome, for my punch storage i have 2 big plastic tubs, one with border and one with shapes. thisnk i will sort them into facing up so i can see what they are
thanks for sharing


This is so cool! All my punches are thrown randomly in a basket. It's a mess. I love your ideas!

Carrie K

JUST last night i was bemoaning the fact that i have NO efficient storage for my many punches!! this was GREAT!! Another question for you...it sounds like youre a mostly mobile scrapper like me...how do you take your punches with you?? help!!

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