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Wednesday, January 12, 2011



very nice! ... I was actually going to try and order those same wire baskets, but I was at an antique store and found a couple of old beverage carriers... perfect size!


thanks for the insight :)

Rachel Z

Amazing! I wish I had a room so that I could be so organized! I keep my SC kits in Crop Bags (I bought several sets) in an old Creative Memories bag that has two large zip compartments.


I keep my kits in those old school Cropper Hopper plastic envelopes and then they're all stored in a wire paper divider on my desk!

Pics here!

I'm enjoying your posts so much!


Shelly-that crate is awesome! It looks like the perfect size!!!

Kristin-Your room is so cozy. I love that after reading your description, I can tell you have your favorite things around you. :)

Jacquie D.

All terrific ideas!!!


I used to store mine just like Shelley, but now I use a cube with sections that works well. It keeps 3 months and then I break them up after that.

I would love to see your ideas on storing journaling spots and those types of specific embellies.


current is stored in a 3drawer 12x12 cheap unit from walmart as well as all as my fave embellies and alphas. the rest of the kits that have not been broken down yet are in iris bins



This was my old room, 2 years ago. I have since amassed a lot more 'supplies' and we have moved. I plan on taking pics and blogging sometime soon!


I have my SC kits stored in 12x12 plastic storage boxes that are like drawers they sit behind my desk. I think it is the same that Davinie uses. All other kits are in canvas tote bins in a closet on shelves.

I would love some ideas on storing punches.

Kathy Fenwick

My kits are stored in large flat boxes that some of my online orders from various companies are delivered in. They work great! I put the main kit in one baggie and the add ons in each of their own baggie and put it all in one box and into my cupboard.


i ran out of SC bags. i'm now using the 2-gallon zips which hold a ton. i have some old wire shopping baskets that hold my bagged kits. misc. embellie storage is a huge issue for me !~

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