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Monday, January 10, 2011



I love all your great ideas for getting organized! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who sniffs scrapbook supplies!lol


I'm a somewhere in between. I have alot in the SC bags but my recent is tucked back into the box. I go thru everything then put it back in the brown bags and box til I free up another SC Crop bag by combining leftover older kit. Looking forward to your next storage solution!

lisa truesdell

i love seeing other people's rituals. =)

rosalie boutcher

yup guilty of sniffing new product here aswell!! hehe... i have a stash of sc crop bags which my kits go into and i just keep the current kit out!

kelly noel

wow, i love what you do with the punches...punching them like that so you know what you have. genius! have fun with your kit :)

jamie long

I have arthritis and the fiskars squeeze punches have a big label on the front saying they are approved by the arthritis foundation for ease of use, but I dont think they thought about that when they put that packaging on. I keep my current kit in an iris like divinie

Lisa J

I love the idea of having a punch resource kit with the image punched in kraft and then adhered to a white label. I think I'll also have to check out your stamp storage solution.
I too have a ritual of sorts when my box arrives. I open the shop items first, then patterned paper or SC paper add-on's, then onto the big add-on's
(if I ordered them) and save the current kit to relish for last. I then put each kit/add-on in a super-sized Ziploc and print off a small label for the bag as to it's contents (i.e OCT'10 Main Kit).
I just started my Studio Calico membership last Oct and I love, love the product, kits and all the friendly people on the forums/galleries.
p.s. I totally understand smelling the contents of your kit too, hee hee!

Lexi Bridges

I am a total scrap goodies smeller too...and that grid stamp smells especially divine ;D
I put my kits in those clear folder type thing with the snap flap from Michael's. I only have a few kits so right now all the contents from that month are stored together, as I have only once purchased an add-on or extra paper! I use a typewriter to label the month and kit name, punch it out with the EK Success photo label punch and adhere to the clear container.
Great series Jenn! I am really enjoying it! Thanks for taking the time to do it :)


I love that punch resource guide!

Kimberly Garofolo

OMGosh...I love this...and you so have me giggling with all the fun traditions you do when you open your box! So super cute you are!

Anna Sigga

WOW - you are one organized girlie! Love your solutions - and the yummy scrapbook goodness! :D


I love that you admitted that you smell everything first. I'm a sniffer too. Thanks for the tips.


Wow! Great ideas. Thank you!

Valerie Mangan

What a fun post!! Thanks for sharing your system - watching you open that box just makes me long for the next box of happy :)

Briana N.

I go through everything quite methodically as well. I store mine in a 12x12 plastic envelope with a label. When that kit is finished, I just stick a new label on for the next one. I love the punch ring idea! Since I finished my stamp binder I'll have to start on that!

Kathy (kathyb)

Great ideas Jenn. I love how you are organised right away to punch your new shapes and add to your ring binder.
Do you stamp an image with any new ink too and store that in a similar way?
I am "moving" my space just now and I have several kits to "tackle" so look forward to hearing other suggestions on top of yours.

Karen P (kphike)

I soooo need to organize my punches like that!!!

Erin B

I like what you do - it is very similar to my process. I use the SC crop bags (but I have now used my last one) and store my monthly kits in a newly purchased wire tote. The rest of the shop items go into their respective spots...
I need to figure out my punch, ink, paint & mist storage soon. I think it will involve new containers or shelving!
Thanks for sharing!


First of all thanks so much for the goodie bag! Love this post on your storage. I haven't figured out a good way to store kits. I keep them together in the bags that they came in.


I love the punch reference tags idea!!

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